Emken for U.S. Senate Statement on July Unemployment Report

(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – Elizabeth Emken, Republican challenger for U.S. Senate in California, issued the following statement following today’s July unemployment report:

“The July report marks the predictable result of the failed leadership in Washington under Dianne Feinstein and the Senate Democrats. Three and a half years with over 2 million Californians out of work and Feinstein’s only response is to support a massive tax hike that would cost our state over 76,000 jobs and a loss of over $26 billion to our state economy.

“Feinstein’s failed policies are better at crushing hopes than creating opportunity. At a time when the overwhelming majority of Californians think our state is headed in the wrong direction, it’s more important than ever to replace the entrenched politicians that have controlled our politics for nearly half a century and send a leader for California’s future to Washington.”


Learn more about Elizabeth Emken and get engaged with her campaign at Emken2012.com – this is a race we need to all care about.


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