Headline Fail of the Day

Today’s dubious honor goes to the USA Today:

GPH Political Consulting GPH-Consulting.com

To their credit, at least USA Today put this on their front cover. However, the use of “surprise spike” is rather laughable. When your country has no energy policy, other than algae and increased regulations, then you are susceptible to dictators and faceless entities that can get you at the pump. No one should be surprised. And I’m sure the reporter-types that are reporting this sort of thing, likely live in NYC where they do not own a car and this type of expense hike really doesn’t phase them.

– – – –

We also have a runner-up. This was a real horse race, but the Houston Chronicle also seems a little surpised:

GPH Political Consulting GPH-Consulting.com

See, when you live in NYC, you think that the stories you cover on a daily basis are the only stories in America. In truth, people care about their lives, their communities and their surroundings. They care about what matters to them, not what matters you the media elite. So, it’s funny when all of sudden the editors and writers are surprised by the real world.


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