Todd Akin Ends Apology Tour

Missouri congressman and US Senate candidate Todd Akin, has ended his apology tour. Good.

In a press conference late Friday, Akin confirmed that he is in the race to stay. At this point, we all know what Akin said, no need to rehash that. His apology tour was a waste of time, he lost a week of campaigning, but he appears to be ready to stop apologizing and start talking substance and policy with Claire McCaskill, who is unqualified to discuss either of those.

Congressman Akin didn’t speak for very long, and this was one of the better points he made:

“I may not be the favorite candidate of some people within the Republican establishment, but the voters made their decision,” said Akin. “I think America has gotten into trouble because we’ve paid too much attention to politics and not enough attention to principle.” (via Mediaite)

Now, it’s time to move forward toward November. We need to get Todd Akin elected to the United States Senate. Senator Claire McCaskill has been too problematic for way too long. Sending Air Claire into retirement is a major objective we need to rally around and accept.

As an aside, (and maybe the bigger point) those of us on the conservative side of the spectrum must stop caving to the media. Just because the media has a question, doesn’t mean that question needs to be answered. I have questions for Rachel Maddow, the first question will likely answer the rest of the questions, but those questions don’t deserve to be answered with any greater authority than any member of the parasitic left-wing media.

The apology tour for a dumb comment created zero jobs. The apology tour did not increase the GDP. The apology tour did not bring down the cost of gasoline. The apology tour did not remove any of the over-burdensome regulations that are strangling small businesses in America. Get off of this nonsense, the statement was made, apologized for, and we could continue debating it for the next 70+ days, or we can take the fight to the Left and let the voters decide in November.

I choose #War.


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