Tom Smith Campaign Ad: Invisible Senator

Tom Smith is running for the US Senate in Pennsylvania against incumbent Bob Casey. Smith has started to move his race from impossible, to possible. As has been reported, Smith went from trailing by 18-20 points, to now trailing by only 5 points, presumably as voters are actually paying attention.  This latest ad from the Smith campaign is pretty sharp:

Pennsylvania has started to move toward Mitt Romney in recent polling, especially after Romney’s sound thumping of Obama in last week’s debate. Polls are starting to show Romney only trailing in Pennsylvania by 2 points and 3 points. As the presidential race tightens, so to the race for the US Senate.

Learn more about Tom Smith on his website, and support his campaign in any way you can if you’re so inclined. This is a US Senate seat that is in play, one of a handful our side can take back so we can demote Harry Reid to minority status.

It's The Senate Stupid. Senate Conservatives Fund.


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