Keith Rothfus (PA-12) Ad: Wrong Team

Take a look at this ad from Keith Rothfus, congressional candidate in southeastern Pennsylvania. Rothfus is running against a cowardly democrat, too afraid to run on his party’s ideas. The opponent in question was one of the democrats nationwide who stayed away from the DNC in Charlotte last month.

Congressman Critz said he’d be an independent voice, but he broke his word. Critz voted with Nancy Pelosi 95% of the time during her leadership, he supported President Obama’s out of control spending – forcing us to borrow billions more from China, he supported Obama’s failed economic policies, leaving us record levels of unemployment and household incomes dropping by $4,000. And as if that wasn’t enough, Critz has endorsed Obama for four more years of the same, saying, “I know what team I’m on.” But Obama and Critz haven’t been a winning team for southwestern Pennsylvania, and it’s time for a change.


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