Candidate Pledge

We want to issue a challenge. This one to principled, conservative candidates across America. As we approach February with elections in November, pledge to do something in your community, in your district, that matters more than your campaign.  One simple act that will speak to the hearts of your constituency.

This action can take many forms: a lake or river clean-up, help a local church or school with landscaping or other labor needs, help elderly folks in need with home improvements, clean up a local park or community gathering place.

You have nine months ahead of you. It just takes part of a Saturday to make a difference. Not only do you make an impactful, lasting difference in the lives of those who you reach out to help, but you also coalesce a core group of like-minded individuals who will support you until the end of your campaign and beyond. 

These acts, this work, this goes beyond a single election. Jack Kemp used to say that “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This sort of civic engagement is at the heart of an American Renaissance.  It renews the promise that our country was founded on; that with hard work and perseverance we can make a difference.

If anyone around you tells you this type of thing is stupid or a waste of time, perhaps it’s time to rethink why that person is around you. If your plan is to run a typical, cookie-cutter campaign with template direct mail and the usual radio and television ads, good luck with that. The electorate is skeptical and looking for something, someone to believe in. Show that they, and that you, can make a difference. A positive change.

If you and your campaign are about principles and civic renewal, about spurring an American Renaissance, then tell us how we can help you, let us share what you’re doing and let’s pledge to begin today. If you need ideas, or help in implementing a plan, we are here to assist. Political campaigns have a short life, they go from election cycle to election cycle. Instead, be part of a movement. Be part of something that extends beyond the election calendar.