Senator Rand Paul Profiled By New Republic

New Republic GPH Consulting

By Steve Parkhurst

Leftist rag, New Republic (which loosely translated into the original German means “Sieg Heil!”) has run a cover story this week on Senator Rand Paul. While the writer clearly tried to paint a negative picture of Senator Paul, I think the article will only help Rand Paul with those on the Right.

My favorite part of the piece is this attempt to show Senator Paul as a radical in the Senate, via his authoring of legislation:

He wrote legislation in his own, Paulian way. He introduced a budget that would have eviscerated the Departments of Transportation, Energy, State, and Commerce; the Environmental Protection Agency; the Food and Drug Administration; and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It would have entirely defunded the Departments of Education and Housing and Urban Development, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Government Printing Office. His amendment to the Parental Consent Act warned that psychiatrists might “label a person’s disagreement with the psychiatrist’s political beliefs a mental disorder.” He authored a bill to legalize interstate traffic in unpasteurized milk. One amendment would have nullified the congressional authorization to invade Iraq; another sought “to end mailbox use monopoly.” He also offered a triad of bills intended to make senators more diligent: the Read the Bills Act, the Write the Laws Act, and the One Subject at a Time Act. None of these measures made it to a vote. When the Foreign Relations Committee introduced a bill condemning North Korea’s nuclear tests, Paul insisted on language explicitly stating that it didn’t authorize the use of force. McCain was livid: The act was already nonbinding, and he felt Paul was mocking the process.

To all of that I say “Right on!” So the radicals on the Left, including moderate Leftists like John McCain get their feathers ruffled a bit. Good! Their go-along-to-get-along approach landed this country in the mess it’s in, time for a little sorting out. By my count, that is six departments totally gone, and seven more “eviscerated” (I love that word with relation to federal departments).

Keep on keepin’ on Senator Paul. A run in 2016 may be in the cards, and more articles like this one are sure to help you.


Rand Paul’s Message For The “Facebook Generation”

By Steve Parkhurst

Senator Rand Paul is a one man machine right now, as so many of the issues before us right now are right up his alley. Paul has written a piece for PolicyMic titled The NSA is Spying on You — Here is How You Should Fight Back. It is a short, concise assessment of where we are and he offers a little advice throughout for the “Facebook generation,” but it is this message that the “Facebook generation” really needs to understand:

This assault on personal privacy affects the Facebook generation more than anyone else. Your generation is completely digitized and uploaded. Everything you do is traceable via phone, email and bank records. And it is you, more than anyone, who should be outraged by this astounding assault on your constitutional right to personal privacy.

– –

If you want to enlist with Senator Paul and help him sue the federal government, check out his PAC website and get going.

Senator Rand Paul Sums It Up

By Steve Parkhurst

US Senator Rand Paul has a terrific op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today. I want to suggest reading the entire op-ed, but in lieu of that, this is the quote that needs to be memorized and repeated:

Monitoring the records of as many as a billion phone calls, as some news reports have suggested, is no modest invasion of privacy. It is an extraordinary invasion of privacy. We fought a revolution over issues like generalized warrants, where soldiers would go from house to house, searching anything they liked. Our lives are now so digitized that the government going from computer to computer or phone to phone is the modern equivalent of the same type of tyranny that our Founders rebelled against.

Get that into the schools today!

Do yourself a favor and read the entire op-ed here.

Clear Contrast In Tuesday’s Winners: Roy Blunt and Rand Paul

Wall Street Journal

By Steve Parkhurst

The Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Interview features two new United States Senators from Tuesday’s election, Republicans Rand Paul and Roy Blunt. As you can tell from the title The Grand New—and Old—Party, this is supposed to be a contrast between the two men. But, this whole thing borders on the absurd. Senator-elect Paul comes across very well, in my opinion. But, Roy Blunt comes across poorly, and like a complete jerk.

Time will tell if Rand Paul can be effective, especially as he goes to Washington to join with other newcomers like Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson and Mike Lee. Roy Blunt sounds like more of the same, more of what got us Obama in the first place.

WSJ 2010 Blunt Paul GPH Consulting

Case in point:

His first speech on the floor, he promises, will be on “the out-of-control deficit.” But since, “as Mark Twain said about the weather, that everybody is talking about it and nobody is doing anything about it,” Mr. Paul plans in his first legislative act to introduce a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget. And, he adds, he’ll force a vote on it, too: “People don’t like to vote against something that’s so incredibly popular.” He also wants to look hard at steep cuts in defense and entitlements, the largest chunks of federal outlays, and in one swoop antagonize many Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

Rand Paul = New Thinking

Relaxed, in a open-collar blue shirt, Mr. Blunt starts off by pointing out that he was a hard budget hawk before it became popular. “I led the only fight we had in 10 years to cut the mandatory spending programs,” he says, referring to the congressional budget debate in late 2005. As whip, he recalls no one ever called to thank him. Republicans only wanted him to save their pet projects. “I think the country’s come a long ways in these five years,” he adds.

And how has he changed in the last five years?

He waves the query away with, “Hey, well, I’ve been a pretty conservative member of congress,” and then he changes the subject.

Roy Blunt = More of the Same