Podcast 15

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Seen in The Detroit News:

Opinion: Tax reform works for Michigan


Podcast 12

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The YES on 6 campaign

The Jim Patterson interview with McIntyre in the Morning, is here, the specific comment used in our podcast is at the 32:38 mark.

See also, Carl DeMaio’s recent editorial in favor of Yes on Prop 6 in the San Francisco Chronicle

Podcast 10

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AP story on the jobs numbers with great information (via Marketplace)

Good things happening in the economy

John Tamny podcast interview regarding his book The End of Work

On Tax Reform 2.0:

We Need A ‘Tax Cuts And Jobs Act’ 2.0

Five things to know about Trump tax cuts: Phase two

Scalise: “We want to make all the tax cuts permanent.”

Tax cuts 2.0 can be done by November elections: Congressman Brady

Podcast 03

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The good economic news has not made it to Bloomberg or the LA Times just yet.

At Bloomberg:
America’s Millennials Are Waking Up to a Grim Financial Future
Job prospects, savings, safety nets, life expectancy—the data show just how bad a mess they face.

Same story, this one at LA Times: