Montana, You Need a Strong US Senate Candidate


Who in Montana can replace Jon Tester? The filing deadline has already passed, and there look to be 3-4 Republican Senate candidates. Those in the know, what can you tell us about any of the Republican candidates?


Steve Parkhurst Interviewed On SoCal Radio

This morning, I was interviewed by Jerry Slusiewicz, host of Your Money Talks in Southern California on both KSPA and KFSD. We discussed the debt ceiling debate, the ongoing government shutdown and ObamaCare.

Paul Ryan Talks With Bill Bennett

By Steve Parkhurst

Congressman Paul Ryan talked with Bill Bennett on Wednesday morning. I think this interview was actually pretty thorough and Paul Ryan was definitely on top of his game. Listen to them discuss the Senate immigration bill, energy policy and upcoming budget issues.

Scott Brown For Senate In 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014?

I saw this tweet earlier, and it really made me think about the road Scott Brown has traveled. It’s pretty crazy. Assuming Senator John Kerry gets the nod for Secretary of State, the next two years for Scott Brown, may be like the last three years.


Ed Martin Op-Ed: Will ‘American Dream’ Become The American Burden?

Ed Martin, candidate for the U.S. Senate in Missouri, penned a great op-ed in the Kansas City Citizen this past Sunday. Please take a look at the entire column, but there are two sections we wanted to highlight:

“The fed­eral gov­ern­ment should do what most fam­i­lies are doing: cut its bud­get — I sug­gest by 10 per­cent or more. Every depart­ment, at every level, should reduce their bud­get by this amount. This could espe­cially include cuts to agen­cies that have grown too big and intru­sive (e.g. EPA) and rolling back over­bear­ing regulations.”


“Amer­ica is the great­est coun­try the world has known but it did not hap­pen by acci­dent and it won’t stay this way auto­mat­i­cally. The Amer­i­can Dream and the free­dom to suc­ceed make Amer­ica so special.”

Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate in Ohio?

Leftist U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown is up for re-election in 2012. Hugh Hewitt has written an interesting column suggesting that Iraq War Veteran and current State Treasurer for Ohio, Josh Mandel would make a very interesting opponent for Leftist Brown.

Learn more about State Treasurer Josh Mandel at his website.

Evaluating the Current Texas US Senate Candidates on Web 2.0

By Steve Parkhurst

Just wanted to provide a quick evaluation of the current candidates from Texas looking to run for Kay Bailey Hutchison’s US Senate Seat when she steps down to run for Governor.

The links and numbers posted below are current as of this posting.

Roger Williams


Campaign Supporters Page
207 Supporters

26 Following

Linked In
9 Connections

20 photos

Elizabeth Ames Jones


Campaign Supporters Page
10 Supporters

23 Photos

Michael Williams


Personal Page
2,113 friends
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978 Following