When A Supporter Makes A Great Ad For You

Chris Jacobs is running for the New York State Senate in the Buffalo area. A supporter put together this great video on his behalf. Take a look, you will love it.


Gun Control Ad From 1981; They Never Quit

By Steve Parkhurst

It was interesting recently to happen upon this anti-gun/pro-gun control ad in an issue of Time Magazine from 1981. This ad took up about half of a page in Time magazine, I’m sure that cost a pretty penny at the time. Plenty of shoddy, nonsensical “facts” were used here to attempt to state their case for gun confiscation.

This ad just goes to show that some phony arguments never go away. The gun is not the issue, the person in control of the gun is the issue. Timothy McVeigh…did he have a gun? Did the 9-11 hijackers have guns 1) to take over the airplanes, or 2) to use the airplanes themselves as weapons? There are numerous other examples of mass murders being committed, yet the pathological Leftist politicians, with the help of the media and their friends in Hollywood, never get around to the facts.

Remember Benghazi, and how the media did not want to report on anything related to Benghazi until they knew all the facts? If only such high standards were in place after Newtown. Apparently three months is all it takes to abandon media integrity.

The argument is not really about guns, is it? It is about control. It is about the limits to which the government can take away more freedom in the name of safety. Like the boiling frog, they’ll keep trying until we’re cooked. A little at a time, inch by inch, they’ll keep trying. They’ve waged this phony war for nearly 32 years and then some.

1981 Gun Control Ad - GPH Consulting

Sack It

American Crossroads is at it again. I love this ad. The message is strong, very strong, and it’s concise. But, what I love most is the incumbent President being ignored, speaking, with the volume on mute. It aptly conveys the fact that what Obama says does not matter, it’s just empty rhetoric.

American Crossroads Ad: Intelligence

American Crossroads is out with this new ad which absolutely destroys the White House and their subsequent stories about what really happened on September 11, 2012 when Ambassador Stevens was murdered in Benghazi. This two minutes is as important as any in this election cycle. Continue reading “American Crossroads Ad: Intelligence”