WSJ: Teachers Unions vs. Black Kids

The Wall Street Journal has this on their website today. I thought it was a short enough blurb, that it needed to be shared. This is crazy.


Earlier this year, Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana signed into law an expanded school choice program for underprivileged kids. Naturally, the teachers unions are suing to block it. Oral arguments begin tomorrow.

The program provides scholarships to poor families with children in failing schools. Last year, 36% of the state’s public schools received a D or F ranking, according to the Louisiana Department of Education. Some 5,000 kids are participating in the program and many are black, which is why the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) is defending the law.

“There is no greater injustice than to tell children that they don’t deserve a chance at the best possible education because their family can’t afford it,” said Kenneth Campbell of BAEO in press release from the Institute for Justice, which represents families using the program. “No one should be treated any less or be prevented from gaining access to high quality educational options based on their income or zip code.”

The teachers unions claim to be taking issue with how the program is funded. The reality is that they oppose its existence. The top priority of the unions is their members, not whether children are receiving a quality education. Denying school choice to people who can’t afford private schools or to move to a neighborhood with better public schools is a way for unions to ensure that their members have jobs.