Gutter Politics At Play In British Special Election

This is why people hate politics and by extension, politicians.

There is an upcoming election for Member of Parliament (MP).  Tory candidate Maria Hutchings is by all measures a fine candidate and has a very good chance of winning the election. Typically, one would think that of the major issues of the day, the candidates could have a healthy conversation about those issues. Take the issue here, education. The Tories, the Lib Dems and Labour all have different visions for the role of the national government in education.

Now, the Lib Dems have released this leaflet attacking Maria Hutchings for a statement she made about education, and they highlight her supposed gaffe with a giant quote-bubble. Here is said leaflet:

Anti Tory Mailer - GPH Consulting


Now, think about the fact that Maria Hutchings has at least two, and possibly three, children who are autistic. And if you know anything about autistic children, you know they require different levels of attention and modes of learning than a public school system is typically capable of offering.

So, it appears that Maria Hutchings sends her child to a special school capable of handling his needs as an autistic child, and the Lib Dems have chosen to maliciously attack her for this. This is politics at its worst and lowest. The Lib Dems should be ashamed, they should condemn this attack piece and they should apologize for this ridiculous attack.

This is not the way to run a campaign. Focus on the issues, force the debate. If you can not get elected on your own merits, get out of the race. For the Lib Dems and Mike Thornton, they are obviously over-matched and they should reconsider their issues and their candidate. If this is the best they can do, it is time to pack up and go home and wait until the next election.

(h/t Conservative Home)