House Armed Services Chair Praises Ryan Budget

I have a lot of respect for Congressman McKeon, so I was glad to read this statement from him today, published by the Weekly Standard:

House Armed Services Committee chairman Buck McKeon praised the Republican budget released earlier today in a statement. “Chairman Ryan has drafted a budget that puts us back on the path to prosperity,” says McKeon. “His plan is full of tough choices, but I am pleased he recognizes that our men and women in uniform have paid for enough of those choices.”

McKeon continues: “While our nation’s defense consumes less than 20% of the federal budget, it has paid for 50% of deficit reduction efforts to date. Rather than pursuing a course that takes our military right to the razors edge, Chairman Ryan has put our military on a path to rebuild after a decade at war. Rather than hampering our troops with the specter of blind and massive cuts in the years to come, Chairman Ryan pays down sequestration for the first year; giving us all time to find a comprehensive solution. This is a budget our military can live with, and one I am happy to support.”