Romney Ad: Bigger, Better America

At this point, with less than 2 full days of campaign left, this could be Mitt Romney‘s final ad, or close to final ad. I feel the ad presents a positive, optimistic, upbeat message. Romney will be campaigning the rest of today, including in front of anticipated huge crowds in Pennsylvania and Virginia, so there could yet be ads featuring those crowds.


Paul Ryan Campaign Ad: Guaranteeing Medicare’s Promise

We have posted every one of Paul Ryan’s campaign ads here on this website. A few things are noticeably consistent about these ads: they are short (30 seconds), they are positive, they feature a business casual Ryan talking with constituents, the language is common sense, and most important, the messages are positive. Take a look at the latest ad:

Paul Ryan Campaign Ad: Patient Centered Solutions

Congressman Paul Ryan is out with another ad for his campaign in Wisconsin. The topics he is covering in these ads, are really national issues, and he is addressing them at a local level, in common sense language that resonates with people. In this great new ad, Congressman Ryan is asked, “Health care is still a mess. What’s your plan?”.