Where Are Those Colorado Professors?

I’m just throwing this out there as I have not researched or conducted a Bing or Google search, but leading up to the election I heard and read plenty about those two Colorado professors. You know, the ones who had a winning electoral model going back to 1980. They had Romney winning in a landslide.

Have we heard from the professors since last Tuesday? Anyone? Bueller?


New York Times Bias

In the span of five days, the Old York Times has demonstrated its bias. Take a look below at the Thursday edition, with a despicable picture of Paul Ryan practicing for his RNC speech later that day. The other image is on the Monday edition, showing the current President majestically speaking to a crowd in Colorado.

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To prove my point, take a look at my post from Thursday showing a few of the front page headlines from other papers, this goes to show there were other photos that could have been used by the Old York Times. Instead of using a positive looking (or feeling) photo, the Old York Times opted for a despicable image.