Congressman Culberson Backtracks, May Get Bold

Congressman John Culberson GPH Consulting

By Steve Parkhurst

Congressman John Culberson of Texas recently posted on his congressional website that he was wrong about the Patriot Act and he now regrets that he ever voted for it. The best part about his mea culpa is that now he is really going to challenge some of the existing, over-bloated bureaucracy in the federal government.

This could get really good:

I intend to start by filing legislation to start systematically shutting down the federal government by restoring the 10th Amendment powers of the States and restoring absolute individual liberty and privacy.  I will begin with shutting down the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and strictly limiting its mission to securing our borders and ports of entry and tracking, detaining, and deporting foreign nationals. I will also figure out how to repeal and/or roll back the Patriot Act to restore the absolute right to privacy that every law abiding American citizen is supposed to enjoy.

– –

I regret that I voted to create the Department of Homeland Security and I regret that I voted for the Patriot Act. I never saw evidence of abuse of our privacy because Congress was lied to just as the public has been lied to. I will work hard to undo the damage these laws have done to our liberty, our privacy, and our Republic. I will be a zealot on restoring our liberty and shutting down as much of the federal police state as I can.