Searching For Dianne Feinstein In California, And D.C.

Dianne Feinstein Empty Chair Update - Elizabeth Emken

It’s been 90 days since Elizabeth Emken, Republican nominee for the US Senate from California challenged her opponent, 20 year incumbent Dianne Feinstein to a debate to talk about the big issues facing America, and California. To date, Feinstein has refused to debate.

Feinstein even made a joke of herself in this video interview, when she walked out on, and patronized the reporter conducting the interview:

If you happen to be in California or Washington DC, and you see Senator Feinstein somewhere, please follow the instructions on the milk carton below:

Dianne Feinstein Milk Carton

Also be sure to get signed up at Elizabeth Emken‘s website, follow her on twitter @ElizabethEmken, and let’s take back this senate seat and fire Harry Reid.


Emken for U.S. Senate Statement on July Unemployment Report

(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – Elizabeth Emken, Republican challenger for U.S. Senate in California, issued the following statement following today’s July unemployment report:

“The July report marks the predictable result of the failed leadership in Washington under Dianne Feinstein and the Senate Democrats. Three and a half years with over 2 million Californians out of work and Feinstein’s only response is to support a massive tax hike that would cost our state over 76,000 jobs and a loss of over $26 billion to our state economy.

“Feinstein’s failed policies are better at crushing hopes than creating opportunity. At a time when the overwhelming majority of Californians think our state is headed in the wrong direction, it’s more important than ever to replace the entrenched politicians that have controlled our politics for nearly half a century and send a leader for California’s future to Washington.”


Learn more about Elizabeth Emken and get engaged with her campaign at – this is a race we need to all care about.

Feinstein: Election Year Not Ideal for Gun Debate

From Newsmax today:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein says the nation needs to have a “sane” discussion on gun control and ban military-style assault weapons. But the California Democrat acknowledges that probably won’t happen before the November election.

Feinstein tells “Fox News Sunday” that “people haven’t rallied” in years because of the power and reach of the gun lobby, and that with the election looming, “it’s a bad time to embrace a new subject.”

President Barack Obama called for reinstating the ban during his 2008 presidential campaign. But since his election, he hasn’t worked to get that done or back other proposals.

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson challenged Feinstein on Fox by saying the issue wasn’t about guns, but rather “sick, demented individuals.” Feinstein disagreed, saying “people use these weapons because they can get them.”

Clearly, Senator Dianne Feinstein is dangerous for the country, and she would fully support the removal of guns from the American citizenry, but not until after she is re-elected this November, and of course with the help of President Obama.

Senator Feinstein has an opponent this year: Elizabeth Emken. It is time for Americans nationally to rally around Ms. Emken.


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By Elizabeth Emken, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate

June 29, 2012

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court managed to do the unthinkable – give both sides of the controversial Obamacare issue even greater resolve. Democrats are cheering because they think they’ve won the battle. Republicans are encouraged because we’re more committed than ever to win the war.

The high court’s decision to uphold Obamacare makes it crystal clear that the only way to ensure that Americans defeat this dishonest attempt at health care reform is to take back the White House and the U.S. Senate this November.

That’s why my campaign to unseat Dianne Feinstein is crucial to our national cause — she is painfully out-of-touch with the American people, and today’s ruling is the most profound demonstration yet why California needs new energy and a fresh start in the U.S. Senate.

The Obamacare boondoggle is even worse that you’ve imagined. I can tell you from first-hand experience that there’s much more to the story than is being reported.

Democrats like Dianne Feinstein are literally stealing funding from programs that provide important services to the elderly and the disabled. First they lied about the cost of Obamacare, then stole a half-trillion dollars from Medicare to justify the initial price tag.

Now they are attempting to steal even more money, this time from core institutional programs at the Centers for Disease Control that support programs for the disabled to cover up the ballooning cost. That’s not just shady politics, it’s just plain wrong.

Further, our personal freedoms are being taken away at the hands of the proponents of this legislation. If the federal government can compel you to buy something for fear of financial penalty, what are the limits to its power? This has been made painfully clear to churches and religious institutions that are being coerced by the Obama administration to violate their religious liberty to comply with this law.

Finally, the Supreme Court ruling has brought Obamacare’s hidden taxes to the light of day and Dianne Feinstein proudly doubled down on her support of them. With a price tag double what the Democrats promised and growing exponentially every day, the “Affordable Care Act” may be the most ironic title for a major bill in the history of Congress.

Obamacare will continue to have a negative impact on job creation and hiring, and businesses will be forced to continue to grapple with all of the uncertainty and costs the law creates. The simple truth is that businesses across the nation are not hiring as a result of this administration’s mismanagement of health care reform.

But there’s an important distinction to make in the aftermath of yesterday’s ruling – the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is constitutional. It didn’t say that it was good legislation or sensible health care reform.

Only with new leadership in Washington can we expand access and lower costs through competition and choice while keeping in mind our responsibility to care for the truly vulnerable without raising taxes or increasing debt.

The most important thing I can do as your U.S. Senator is to repeal and replace Obamacare. The most important thing you can do to help get me there is to repeal and replace Dianne Feinstein.


Elizabeth Emken, a businesswoman, non-profit executive and mother of a special needs child is the Republican nominee for the United States Senate.  For the last decade she served as an advocate for developmentally disabled children, most recently as Vice President of Government Relations at Autism Speaks, the nation’s largest science and advocacy organization dedicated to autism research. For more information about Elizabeth, please visit

You can also find Elizabeth on twitter @Emken2012