Searching For Dianne Feinstein In California, And D.C.

Dianne Feinstein Empty Chair Update - Elizabeth Emken

It’s been 90 days since Elizabeth Emken, Republican nominee for the US Senate from California challenged her opponent, 20 year incumbent Dianne Feinstein to a debate to talk about the big issues facing America, and California. To date, Feinstein has refused to debate.

Feinstein even made a joke of herself in this video interview, when she walked out on, and patronized the reporter conducting the interview:

If you happen to be in California or Washington DC, and you see Senator Feinstein somewhere, please follow the instructions on the milk carton below:

Dianne Feinstein Milk Carton

Also be sure to get signed up at Elizabeth Emken‘s website, follow her on twitter @ElizabethEmken, and let’s take back this senate seat and fire Harry Reid.