Los Angeles City Election Results

Los Angeles Times GPH Consutling

Voters in Los Angeles went to the polls on Tuesday. Among many things on the ballot for the voters, there was the choice for Mayor of the second largest city in the nation.

The Los Angeles County Republican Party had endorsed Kevin James for Mayor. Well, the May 21st runoff will feature two pretty well known, pretty well funded Democrats: Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel. Republicans have an uphill battle in a place like Los Angeles, but it’s a battle we support and we are ready to engage in, given the right candidates find our firm.

Another hotly contested race stole the headlines Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The Los Angeles Times reports here on the voters rejection of a proposed sales tax increase.

Measure A, which would have raised Los Angeles’ sales tax to 9.5%, one of the highest in the state, was opposed by 55% of the voters. In casting their ballots against the measure Tuesday, many voters said they did not trust the city to spend the new money wisely and blasted the measure as poorly conceived.

I am bothered that only 55% of the voters opposed the tax increase, which was mainly supported by labor unions and current Mayor Antonio¬†Villaraigosa, but a fiscal win is a fiscal win. Now the city has to look for further way to cut wasteful spending. (Villaraigosa’s real name before he changed it for political reasons was Tony Villar, Google it).

We shall see what comes of the election on May 21st. But, we know this: Two leftist Democrats will be battling it out with their leftist ideas, and no Republican will have a real voice for the changes that California and Los Angeles need.

More later…