Omar Navarro Featured In South Bay Magazine

By Steve Parkhurst

Rising star Omar Navarro was featured recently in South Bay Magazine, a magazine published in and about Southern California. The magazine was profiling five people who are working hard this election season; people who are not candidates themselves. Omar, ever the hard worker, made the cut and got this nice profile written about himself.

Omar will be running for Torrance City Council in 2014. Omar has big dreams but he also wants to do well by his community. Pay attention to Omar and see what happens.

Omar Navarro
Young Uniter

Omar Navarro South Bay - GPH Consulting

Going door-to-door in his Torrance community is only one way Omar gets his message out to neighbors.

Since he was 5 years old, Omar Navarro has had one dream … he hopes to someday be president of the United States. His grandmother, a Cuban immigrant utterly devoted to her new country, instilled in her grandson core values and political beliefs that have shaped the young man he has become. Activism and leadership is in Omar’s DNA.

At 19, he volunteered on Sen. John McCain’s campaign. At 22, he was lead intern on Craig Huey’s congressional campaign. Impressed by his dedication and work ethic, he was tapped to chair the South Bay Young Tea Party.

He’s a board member of the Torrance Lomita Republican Assembly, as well as a board member of the Beach Cities Republicans. And if that’s not enough, he is founder and president of the South Bay Young Republicans.

“My goal in California is to reunite the Republicans who are Hispanic and Latino and tell them to come out,” he shares. “Not all are Democrats. So many are conservative, but they don’t talk about it, because they don’t want to be ostracized.”

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