Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Endorses Mitt Romney

My favorite thing about this endorsement, after you get past the great things the editorial board actually said, is the fact that the entire endorsement was printed on the front page of the Sunday paper, even above the fold. This seems unprecedented to me, but it’s great for Mitt Romney nonetheless.

Thanks to @SMC_35 on twitter for tweeting this pic.

“It sounds cliched, but it is a truism: America is at a crossroads. It can continue down the path of Leviathan government and an increasing dependence on it, or America can return to the path of limited government and the kind of prosperity-producing independence on which the Founders based this great republic.

The choice is yours. Our choice is the latter. And that’s why we enthusiastically endorse Republican Mitt Romney for president of the United States.”

Read the complete endorsement editorial here.