Salena Zito Reports From America

As we discussed last year, Salena Zito was so keen at watching and listening to real people, that she was one of the few journalists in America who saw what was happening and reported it correctly all along. She has written two pieces this week that look back at the past year and they are both “must reads” that need a little bit of your time and attention. Salena offers valuable feedback on what the American voter is thinking and feeling right now.


Romney Ryan Taking It To The Blue States

Paul Ryan in PA photo by
Photo by Justin Merriman, Tribune-Review

By all accounts, including Salena Zito’s stellar reporting, Paul Ryan made a very successful trip to Pennsylvania on Tuesday, while at the same time Mitt Romney was in Houston where he raised $6 million. That’s a nice haul (see the earlier post about that).

Paul Ryan was in Roanoke, Virginia on Wednesday before heading to North Carolina for stops there, along with a fundraiser.  Along the way, Congressman Ryan also did radio interviews with Hugh Hewitt (audio and transcript here) and Mark Levin (audio here). I loved it when Paul Ryan said in the interview:

“Hope and change has become attack and blame.”

Along with:

“I really believe, from the bottom of my heart, we can trigger an American renaissance.”

Now, out of Michigan comes good and interesting news:

New Michigan Poll has Romney ahead of Obama

Then out of Commerce, Michigan comes word that Romney and Ryan will both be in Michigan on Friday:

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan to make campaign stop in Michigan

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are stretching the map, they are competing in places they weren’t supposed to compete. Blue states are indeed feeling blue, don’t expect the news outlets to cover this, but it’s happening, all you have to do is follow the candidates’ travels. If Obama/Biden has to spend money in these states, that in and of itself will be a great thing as their campaign starts to hemorrhage cash (if you missed it, here’s the story about Obama/Biden campaigning just as they govern, by spending $10 million more than they raised in July). Winning these states will be an even greater thing.