Podcast 16

Show Notes:

Texas Republicans, led by candidate Peter Flores, won a special election on Tuesday in the Texas State Senate. Hillary Clinton won this district by 12 points just 22 months ago, and Flores won by 6 points on Tuesday evening. This district has not been represented by a Republican in the State Senate since 1879. That’s right, 1879. Rutherford B. Hayes was president in 1879. And Albert Einstein, he of the theory of relativity and E=MC2, was born in 1879.

Nationally, Republicans should take heart from this victory and keep fighting. Do NOT fall for the media’s narrative of a “blue wave” or unicorn dust or anything else. Get out there and persuade the people on the fence, the people who decide late, that you are the right person for the job.


Congratulations Chris Jacobs!

Chris Jacobs November 8, 2016 Buffalo News

Chris Jacobs, a true Jack Kemp Republican, has been elected tonight to the State Senate in New York. Great work Senator-Elect Jacobs! Buffalo News has a story online. Learn more about Chris Jacobs here.

Chris Jacobs for New York State Senate