Tim Aker for Aveley

My old friend from the Draft Newt ’08 Campaign, is running for a local office next week just outside of London in a community called Aveley. Listen to him speak, then think about Newt Gingrich, and you’ll understand why we worked so well together.

Tim has a great grasp on the concept that guided Draft Newt ’08, “Ideas Today, Solutions Tomorrow”. He is putting forth real plans, real solutions, and leaving it to the voters to decide. I wonder if we should do that in the states…

While I may not agree with the party Tim has aligned himself with, when the Conservative party seems to be headed in the right direction, one source said that Tim is bringing the UKIP party back to the mainstream, he has been called “the future of his party” and he has given it “added credibility”.

Keep up the good work Tim, win or lose, you’ve done great good for our cause. After the election, let’s have a virtual drink at the bar, the Newcastle Brown Ale is on me.