Tweet: Romney, Data, and Conveying Meaning

I saw this tweet tonight and it punched me square in the face. Direct, to the point, and probably 100% accurate as we start to get final tallies across the country from last week’s election.



National Journal Hacks Lie About Speaker Boehner

Earlier Monday, the left-wing liars disguised as journalists at National Journal sent out the following tweet:

National Journal Lying Tweet

(link to actual tweet)

For those inclined to actually read their nonsensical posting, which I did, there is NO such mention of Speaker Boehner and his “hopes”. The facts of the story provide what all of us can see. Lots of “if this” and “if that”. The big problem here is that a lot of people don’t always read all the tweets they see, they just skim headlines. This is where this example of blatant misleading is truly destructive.

Someone must have gotten to the folks at National Journal, because they later added this “Correction” to the post online:

National Journal Corrects Their Lie

(link to actual story)

National Journal did send a correction tweet:

National Journal Correction Tweet

This is appalling. I noticed that the original tweet, which reads with the hideous, misleading word “hopes” is still there and has not been deleted. Why not just leave it up forever, right?┬áThat’s some good advertising for those guys; stir the hate, continue to mislead. They should be ashamed, but of course, they have no shame on the Left.

Evaluating the Current Texas US Senate Candidates on Web 2.0

By Steve Parkhurst

Just wanted to provide a quick evaluation of the current candidates from Texas looking to run for Kay Bailey Hutchison’s US Senate Seat when she steps down to run for Governor.

The links and numbers posted below are current as of this posting.

Roger Williams


Campaign Supporters Page
207 Supporters

26 Following

Linked In
9 Connections

20 photos

Elizabeth Ames Jones


Campaign Supporters Page
10 Supporters

23 Photos

Michael Williams


Personal Page
2,113 friends
Campaign Supporters Page

978 Following