MP John Redwood On Obama’s Victory and UK Politics

By Steve Parkhurst

Member of Parliament John Redwood maintains one of the best blogs you will ever see from an elected office holder. MP Redwood has written a brief analysis of what last weeks re-election of President Obama means, if anything, in the realm of UK politics.

Prime Minister David Cameron and the Tory party will want to pay particular attention to the realities of the political math that MP Redwood mentions here:

The political arithmetic is also, however, very different between the UK and the US. Mr Obama scored a good victory in 2008. He attracted 52.9% of the popular vote. This election he merely  needed to hold on to most of that to win. He lost 2.4% of the popular vote which still left him in the lead. Mr Cameron only attracted 36% of the popular vote in 2010, not enough to win. He needs to attract 4-6% more of the popular vote in 2015 to win, so he needs to make himself and his party more popular. He does not have Mr Obama’s luxury of losing votes.