Immigration Disinterest

By Joe Gruters

A recent Sarasota Herald-Tribune article gave us all the information we need about the support for amnesty-first immigration reform in Sarasota County. There is none.

Political reporter Jeremy Wallace reported on an Organizing for America (OFA) event last week that was billed as an effort to get U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan to change his mind and vote in favor of HR15, the Democrat plan to legalize illegal immigrants without first ensuring the border is secure.

The meeting garnered a grand total of about 12 people. There is simply no support for that kind of immigration reform in Sarasota County. Buchanan is representing his constituents very well on the issue, and protecting them from the influence of outside, partisan, leftist groups allied with the concept of “fundamentally changing” the United States.

Organizing for America is the community organizing group created by the Democrat National Committee after Barack Obama’s election in 2008. The goal was to funnel money into organizing the hard-core left to back Obama’s political agenda. It is essentially an outgrowth of the Obama for president organization — the never-ending campaigning that is the hallmark of this presidency. (Managing apparently is irrelevant.)

The group’s state immigration director told the audience, “We don’t believe there is any chance he will change his position.” Good.

And of course the timing of the immigration push nationally is an obvious attempt to shift public attention away from the rolling disaster that is Obamacare. The same worry is reasonably connected to the Iran nukes agreement. That one does not need to be read to know it is a bad deal. Just look at who likes and dislikes it?

Who dislikes it? Israel and Saudi Arabia are vehemently against it because they fear an aggressive, nuclear-armed Iran, which is what the agreement will accomplish. Who likes it? There was literally celebrating in the streets of Tehran, Iran. That tells the tale.

It is becoming hard to even keep track of the blunders, cover-ups, scandals, constitution violations, dirty politics, mismanagements, ally alienations and ideological cliffs that are the legacy of the Obama administration.

On immigration, Republicans need to hold firm or the Democrats will try to ensure a lot more “Obamas” become president.

Reform has to start with a sealed and enforced border so we know who is coming and going, and they are accounted for and paying into the kitty from which they will be drawing. It cannot be a promise to secure the borders. Democrats have broken too many promises — “If you like your insurance, you can keep it” — and have already broken that specific one on the last immigration “reform.”

We have not had an administration this untrustworthy since Nixon at his worst moment. And Senate Democrat leadership is duplicitous beyond embarrassment.

Buchanan is right to stand firm. Only a few leftist ideologues don’t get it.

Thanks for being informed and engaged.