The WSJ This Weekend

Opening up the Weekend Edition of the WSJ today was quite an experience. There were many great articles. I will highlight a few here.

For GOP, No Experience Is No Problem: link

Peggy Noonan: Question Time Isn’t The Answer: link

Interesting proposals here. Noonan is right, this won’t happen here, but something that creates a better dialog is needed.

This might tend to produce fewer omnibus bills. “You expect me to know and talk about what’s in that? It’s 2,000 pages! Cut it down to 20 and give it a new name.”

Opinions Split on Job Creation: link

Pat Moynihan’s Tax Lessons for the States: link

If you’ve ever read and appreciated Moynihan’s late 60’s book Maximum Feasible Misunderstanding, you’ll appreciate this artlce.

‘A Wasted Opportunity’
WellPoint’s CEO on ObamaCare’s mistakes and how to pick up the political pieces.: link

It’s hard to see how WellPoint could be to blame for surging health spending, Mrs. Braly says, when 85 cents out of every premium dollar or more “is paid out in the actual cost of care, doctors, hospitals, suppliers, drugs, devices.” Confiscating the 2009 profits of the entire insurance industry would pay for two days of U.S. health care.

FedEx CEO Frederick W. Smith: One Simple Way To Create Jobs: link